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5 Bucket List Trips

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Everyone has one – it’s a list of all of the dream destinations and things you want to do in your life. It’s a bucket list, or as some may call it, a “life list”. It varies from person to person, but the general idea of it stretches across genders, races, and cultures. What trips and activities are at the top of your bucket list? To help you get the creative wheels spinning, we’ve put…

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Can’t-Miss Natural Attractions in New Zealand

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For the outdoor enthusiast, New Zealand is paradise. While many people consider nearby Australia as one of the best destinations in the world for adventurists, New Zealand holds its own. New Zealand features some of the best and most unique natural attractions, not just in the South Pacific, but the entire world. Below you’ll find some of the best natural attractions in New Zealand. Milford Sound. When you think of the world’s most beautiful natural…

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The Top Coastal Drives in New Zealand

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For the outdoor enthusiast, few destinations compare to New Zealand. New Zealand has it all, from glaciers to rugged coastal cliffs to pristine beaches to rolling countryside. As you might imagine, with this much natural beauty, New Zealand features long, winding roads that make for gorgeous half-day, day, and weekend road trips. As you’re planning your next South Pacific trip, don’t miss these four scenic coastal drives in New Zealand. Southern Scenic Route. If there’s…

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10 Reasons to Visit Australia Now

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It’s no surprise that Australia is one of our favorite destinations. Year after year, many Australian destinations are listed among the best destinations in the world. However, as an island continent in the South Pacific, it often gets overlooked by travelers because of the flight distance from many places. Nonetheless, after we give you 10 reasons why you should visit Australia now, we think you’ll be ready to book that trip. 1. It’s summer there…

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Exploring the Best of Fiji

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Welcome to the Republic of Fiji, an island nation located in the South Pacific. Fiji has long been a slice of paradise for travelers who want to escape the hustle and bustle for their dream vacation. As such, it’s popular among honeymooners. With New Zealand as the closest country of decent size, and that of over 1,000 miles away, Fiji is truly an island escape. However, Fiji isn’t a solitary island, but actually features over…

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Exploring the Underwater World: Best Destinations for Scuba Diving

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As specialists in planning South Pacific vacations, it’s no surprise that scuba diving is one of our favorite things to do while traveling. However, while the South Pacific has world-class scuba diving opportunities, it’s by no means the only place to have on your must-visit list of scuba diving destinations. There are numerous destinations in the world worth visiting for the various scuba diving experiences they offer. Today I’ll highlight some of the best places…

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The Best Cruise Routes in the World: Part II

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There’s a lot more that goes into choosing a cruise than just picking your cabin. You can make or break your cruise simply because of which route you take. Do you want to spend most of your time on the ship? Do you want a cruise port with a vibrant nightlife? These are just a of couple questions you should ask. A few weeks ago I featured some of the best cruise routes in the…

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